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Sakura Massage

We have worked closely with a variety of industries to assist in bringing skilled employees from around the world to the US

Michael R. Scotch

Liverpool Oriental Massage

" Excellent Massage Treatments for you!"

John, Richardson

Lee, Wilkins

I just like to say massive thank you to Kelly and her team at Sakura Massage in Liverpool. Relaxing full body massage is just a bomb!


I had a relaxing body massage last week, and I though massage treatment was very good, and friendly staffs mad me feel relax straight away. Thank you.


Sakura Massage for you in Liverpool

1 Hour Relaxing Massage for you at Liverpool.

Francis, Peters

Sam Christie

Lovely place with bunch of pretty Chinese ladies at Sakura Massage in Liverpool, I recommend to everyone.


Sakura Massage has always provide me with the most relaxing body massage. I visit there once in every fortnight


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